Streaming Driving Digital Advertising

Thanks to rising internet penetration rates and the ever-expanding popularity of digital platforms around the world, digital advertising has grown to become one of the most important forms of advertising. A report from Statista projects that Nearly 356 billion U.S. dollars were spent on digital advertising in 2020. This figure is forecast to increase at a rapid pace in the upcoming years. According to the latest projections, digital advertising revenue will amount to 460 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.  The Statista report said: “The United States is the largest digital advertising market in the world, as the country had the highest revenue in the digital advertising market in 2020 – an estimated 137 billion U.S. dollars. About four out of ten dollars invested in ads in the country were devoted to digital advertising. Digital advertising spending in the U.S. is projected to grow in the next few years, as sources expect the total spending on digital advertising to reach nearly 153 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. In terms of industries, the retail industry invests the most on digital advertising in the country. As of 2019, this particular industry accounted for 22 percent of all digital advertising spending in the U.S. The automotive and the financial services industries held about 12 percent of the share, respectively.”  Active companies in the markets today include:  Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ), The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD), Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Roku, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROKU).

The Statista report continued: “Search advertising is the most profitable and most promising digital ad format in the U.S., accounting for the majority of all digital advertising revenue generated in the country. Considering that search advertising is one of the major revenue streams for digital advertisers, it is no surprise that Google, the leading search engine in the world, has by far the highest net digital advertising revenue amongst online companies in the U.S., with healthy growth projections for the future. While Google generated about 147 billion U.S. dollars in revenue through its digital advertising channels, Facebook’s digital revenue stood at 84 billion U.S. dollars. Nonetheless, Facebook leads the display advertising market in the United States, leaving Google and other competitors behind.”

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOBQ) BREAKING NEWS: Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. Enters into Agreement with UNIFD to Expand Connected TV Reach for Programmatic –  Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”), a leading provider of next-generation advertising, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with UNIFD, a digital media company focused on driving brand awareness across emerging channels, for its programmatic advertising placements for Roku, FireTv, Samsung and other Connected TV (CTV) Devices. UNIFD, with its 275+ and ever-expanding CTV marketplace covering the nation’s top news channels, entertainment channels as well as sports, 85 million monthly advertising opportunities and a 98% completion rate, is known for its transparency and ability to drive performance and brand awareness across emerging channels. The collaboration will allow marketers to add Roku and other high performing CTV inventory to their programmatic media buy and help marketers reach the users across mobile desktop and connected TV ecosystems.

The partnership helps Mobiquity reach audiences based on behavioral and contextual data while also understanding patterns from a content consumption perspective to build a more accurate behavioral profile in real time.

As more consumers access digital content through multiple screens and platforms, CTV is emerging as the new, premium channel for consumers and marketers. CTV is predicted to grow exponentially over the coming years, with ad spend projected to reach $19 billion by the end of 2022. CTV also presents an exciting opportunity for marketers and advertisers as it offers unique opportunities to leapfrog traditional TV advertising. For marketers, CTV represents an opportunity to apply data to what is often the largest segment of their advertising investment. In addition, the collaboration will enable marketers to measure their advertising campaigns in a way that is not possible with linear TV. By applying the same level of data-driven insights that they do with their digital advertising campaigns, marketers can compare and measure ad opportunities across channels on the open internet in a transparent way.

“Brands need a scalable, programmatic solution to amplify TV advertising by reaching hard-to-find audiences across all of the devices we use to watch video today. This partnership between UNIFD and Mobiquity provides advertisers with the opportunity to effectively reach all TV and digital audiences at scale,” said Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Technologies.  CONTINUED…  Read the Mobiquity Technologies full press release by going to: