Tablo Users To Get More Hard Drive Space and Other Features

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo DVR customers will be able to record a lot more of their favorite TV shows and use closed captioning as part of the (version 2.2.2) firmware update next month for the digital recorder marketed directly at cord cutters.

“Now that we’ve expanded and launched new apps for Roku, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV set-top-boxes, we are focusing on adding more features and improved functionality across our products,” said Grant Hall, CEO at Nuvyyo. “These improvements make it even easier to cut the cord with Tablo and make watching TV via our apps even more enjoyable for our customers.”

Besides support for larger hard drives than the current limit of 2TB the update will also include new

Tablo has apps for most major platforms.
Tablo has apps for most major platforms.

features to make the experience more user friendly including expansion of fast forwarding and close captioning support for Mac/PC Android tablets and TV’s as well as the Amazon Fire TV. Users will also be able to clean up their expanded hard drives with the ability to delete episodes of a specific series, delete watched content or even purge the entire list at once. The new deleting options will be available for Tablo apps on Mac, PC, Android TV, Android tablets, Amazon Fire TV and (soon) to Roku. In addition the sync process for Tablo apps will run in the background letting users browse, set recordings and watch content while updates Tablo app updates are taking place. See a demo of the Tablo App for Fire TV bellow.