The Batman HBOs Most Streamed Movie In First 7 Days

Warner Bros may have seemed like it was rolling the dice once again with another reboot of the Batman story right on the heels of the poorly received version of the character played by Ben Afleck in The Justice League and Batman Vs Superman.

Why are they doing another Batman? The star of The Batman was in Twighlight. Oh no. Then the teasers hit. The movie has made over 750 million in the theaters, but HBO and HBO Max are seeing record streaming numbers higher than anything that has streamed in its first 7 days. The Batman has been streamed 4.1 million times since it became available.

4.1 million beats the first seven days of such HBO Max/Warner Bros. movies The Suicide Squad ($3.5M), Wonder Woman 1984 (3.2M), The Matrix Resurrections (3.2M) and Dune (2.3M).