The Details Of The Disney Charter Spectrum Agreement Explained

There has been a flurry of information regarding the new deal between Disney and ESPN but the details have been a little scant as to how it all works out on the customer end. The highlight of the deal as far as streaming goes is that Charter Spectrum has come to an agreement that will include the ad-supported version of Disney+ in its Spectrum TV signature package. It will also include ESPN+ in its more expensive Spectrum TV Select Plus Package. According to the company, both services will be available to customers who register for the services with the same email that they use to access their Spectrum account. Also as part of the agreement, Spectrum is dropping a number of Disney-owned channels going forward. Read on for full details.

What is Spectrum TV Select Signature

This is what customers would think of as “old-fashioned basic cable” It is one of those large packages of channels, over 130 including ESPN and ESPN2, and popular lifestyle channels like HGTV, The Food Network, TLC, The History Channel, SyFy erc. You can see the lineup here. The overall cost of that package is $137.00 once all the fees and taxes are included. It also includes one TV box. If you wish to have other TV boxes it will cost $11.00 more. If customers want a DVR that is an additional $9.00 charge. And let me tell you it took some doing to get that info straight because the Spectrum Website advertises the plan at $59.99. This is for just TV service mind you, not a bundle with Internet and TV. And now with that package customers will also be able to sign into the Disney+ app and access the ad-supported version of Disney+ at no additional cost. The customers must use their Spectrum email address to take advantage of this offer.

How do customers get free ESPN+ with the new Spectrum Disney agreement?

Spectrum has another TV package called Spectrum TV Select Plus. It costs 157.99 and adds major brand sports networks like MLB Network, NBA TV, The NFL Network, The NHL Network, and The Tennis Channel. Otherwise, it is identical to Spectrum TV Select Signature. Of course, now that also includes access to the ESPN+ app. The service on its own costs $9.99 per month.

How Do You Get Other ESPN Channels ACC Network, ESPN News, SEC Network Etc?

In order to get the rest of the ESPN channels you have to add what Spectrum calls the Sports View. That is an additional $7.00 per month.

Spectrum TV Select Customers will be able to get ESPN’s direct-to-consumer version of its networks when they launch

At some point in the future, Disney will be launching a fully supported ESPN app that will be identical to having ESPN’s cable channels. The ESPN flagship direct-to-consumer service, which is yet to launch, will be made available to Spectrum TV Select subscribers for no additional fee.

There are Disney-owned networks leaving Spectrum 

As part of its new agreement, Spectrum will no longer carry; Baby TV, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Freeform, FXM, FXX, Nat Geo Wild, and Nat Geo Mundo.

So there you have it. Is this a good deal for Spectrum’s current customers? If those customers consider the prices they are already paying for cable TV worth it, then the extra content is a big win. Disney+ has the library of essentially every Disney-owned TV show and movie and ESPN+ provides a ton of extra sports content from live events to the ESPN 30 for 30 library. We will have more on the impact of the new agreement in a separate story.