The Griswolds Staying Home For HBO Max Series


The Griswolds will be staying home for once where they can be miserable in their own beds for on the newly announced HBO Max series “The Griswolds”. The snake bit family is usually seen crammed in to a car and dealing with one calamity after another. Whether it’s a dead body in the car, not being able to navigate a roundabout, or in the case of home life getting those Christmas lights on. The new series will take place in Chicago but will be an updated version of the family to fit modern times.

Johnny Galecki, who played Russ Griswold in Christmas Vacation will produce along with Holly Brown as part of  Alcide Bava productions.

Viewers can expect plenty of high jinks and try to keep their eyes peeled for cameos, (none have been announced) as the family navigates everyday life.