The Upcoming 2024 Olympics Will Be Streamed Live

Comcast is finally getting a chance to show off what it intended to do with Peacock when it comes to the Olympics. Peacock will stream all 2024 Olympic events live along with live TV coverage from NBC’s broadcast stations for many  key events. NBC did not release information as to exactly what will broadcast alongside of Peacock. Comcast owned cable stations, USA, E!, CNBC, and Golf Channel will also televise live coverage

The 2024 games will take place in Paris, which is 6 hours ahead of east coast viewers, meaning that as usual major events if shown in prime time will be tape delayed, unless the Gymnastics gold medal events are held at 2 or 3 am French time.

Peacock was originally supposed to launch with the 2020 Olympics expected to anchor the first year of the service, but concerns brought on by Covid 19 delayed the games for a year putting Peacock in the awkward position of offering a premium streaming service without a premium offering. Once the Olympics did take place a year later there the narrative was dominated by negative news surrounding Women’s Gymnastics  along with a 13 hour time difference.

The setup this time around will give NBC a chance to catch more viewers when they are actually watching TV even if a bit earlier than normal on weekday happenings. It should be kept in mind though, that NCAA tournament games take place early in the afternoon during the first two rounds and are very popular TV attractions. That may be more because of the gambling aspect of it all though. I would not expect heavy bets to be placed on qualifying heats for swimming or the entire country clamoring for fencing.

Streaming changes the game for dedicated Olympic sports fans. Gone are the days of only having access to curated and slickly edited parts of events. While those primetime events are popular is it now possible to follow the entire run of a given event.