Is Titans Coming Back? Titans Will Get third Season

DC Comics art

DC Universe show Titans will get a third season. The show which is one of the DC Universe’s only property with any buzz is the jewel of the fledgling streaming service. There are some reports that showed that season one of the series was one of the most watched shows of 2018. Though that cannot be truly confirmed, Warner must see something in the show to keep it afloat. The big question though is actually will the show appear on DC Universe or HBO Max. There is every reason to believe that Warner Media will shelve the streaming service once HBO Max is ready to go. The company already announced that the Doom Patrol will appear on the yet to debut service during its second season run. On top of that, the company is beginning to address the myriad of streaming options promoted by the company and paring them down further.

At a time when there are multiple streaming services competing for dollars and attention it is likely not a good strategy for Warner to present so many options when it can keep its strongest assets, of which DC is one of, together in one place to entice signups. By keeping DC Universe as a separate service it forces it to compete against itself.

While we do not know for sure if DC Universe will be around for season 3 of the Titans, comic book fans can be glad to know that they will have a chance to watch it somewhere.