Top streaming platforms in 2020

With some serious competitive video streaming services in the entertainment market, online giants like Amazon Prime, Disney +, Netflix and Hulu are running against each other neck to neck with an assortment of critically acclaimed and award winning content in the race to be distinctive. Here’s everything you need to know about some of the streaming services in 2020.



Having grown from just a DVD rental venture to an on-demand streaming platform, Netflix has come a long way in being ranked one of the best and revolutionized the business of entertainment. With a user friendly display and search engine, Netflix comes with a robust collection of original programs and furthered the binge-watching culture. A little more expensive than an average on-demand service, Netflix enables multiple device watching with an extensive entertainment library.


Amazon Prime

Considered No.2 in the business, Amazon Prime comes with its own set of appreciated and trending content which includes award-winning indie movies like The Big Sick or The Farewell and comedies such as ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maise’l and ‘Fleabag’. With a backlog of inherited programs, movies and series from other networks, Amazon Prime is distinct from its competitors in the sense that it allows the users to rent movies and television series from aside from their subscription. 


With a shared ranking of no.3 in the top streaming platforms, HBO matches its competitors Hulu and Disney+. With most of its users using the recently launched HBO Max platform that has a nice expanse of original content and interesting titles, some devices with cord cutters like Amazon Fire TV devices and Roku continue using the original HBO platform. HBO’s streaming service continues to be admirable and some of the leading favourites like the Game of Thrones. 


Disney +

For the young at heart and Kids, Disney + is the happily ever after! With a wide selection of animated classics and new live action films and superhero movies, its library also includes educational series from the National Geographic, favourite TV series like ‘The Simpsons’ and upbeat shorts from Pixar. Disney +, however has limited R-rated or TV-MA content.



Competing against Disney + and HBO, Hulu is one of the older streaming services, 12 years in the running and has witnessed a significant revamp of its platform and content. With a string of TV series that is one of the largest and highly ranked at that, its original content includes the award-winning ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and ‘Little Fires Everywhere’. 


Other competing streaming platforms

There are some other streaming platforms in the entertainment business with original content that make themselves stand out in competition with the best in business in some interesting way. For instance, Quibi is an online streaming service that’s focused on attracting its audience through their smartphones and tablets with a short-form selection of originally scripted and non-scripted series in addition to daily shows. Designed to be just a mobile experience for short-form content, Quibi is available on Android enabled smartphones and tablets or iOS. However, since it has an updated app version of iOS, Quibi allows the users to cast videos for Chromsecast dongles and to Airplay-supported TV.

Another streaming service, ESPN+ expands on the usual ESPN platform and includes a range of documentaries and talk shows that are sports centric and feature top analysts and athletes, with a series of event replays like NFL’s greatest games, select live games, a hard to find events coverage and articles.