Tubi Wants To Throw You Down The Rabbit Hole

Rabbit holes are often associated with conspiracy theories but Tubi has decided to make them a portal to fun, free content. In its new spot which debuted during the Super Bowl Sunday, the Fox-owned streaming service with the assistance of giant abducting bunnies, invited millions of customers to check out the popular aggregator.

“With our inaugural Super Bowl campaign, we wanted to introduce Tubi to the world brand-first,” said Nicole Parlapiano, Chief Marketing Officer, Tubi. “While much of the streaming world still revolves around an obsession with the latest movie or series, we are on a mission to give all people access to all the world’s stories. That means having a deep and diverse library that allows people to dive into their own personal content journey where they can discover anything from Hollywood blockbusters and classics, to sub-genres and subcultures that just might lead them down the perfect rabbit hole for them.”

Tubi has been rising in popularity year after year since it became a FOX property. The service is one of many free choices but the only one that is home to many popular FOX series like The Masked Singer. Over time it has also become a news hub of sorts by integrating the streaming of multiple local broadcast newscasts.

“Nicole and the Tubi team came to us with a unique brief for the streaming sector: Reveal Tubi to the world, personality-first. Not title-first,” said Greg Hahn, Co-Founder and CCO at Mischief. “These spots reveal a personality we’ve had fun creating over the past few months: Quirky, playful and a bit unexpected. Tubi is poised to be the troublemaker of the streaming world.”