Watch Hallmark Channel Without Cable

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If you got rid of cable but find that you miss the Hallmark channel there is a new streaming service that may really interest you. Its called frndly TV. No, that is not a typo. Obviously the name implies that the content is friendly in terms of family friendly content. But the ultimate push at the moment is that this is a really skinny bundle of channels for as little as 5.99 (For Standard definition “480” streams) users can add 12 cable channels to their streaming lineup. The streaming option will allow users to add multiple networks chocked full of very genre specific content. Other packages include the 7.99 package which provides HD Streams and a 30 days DVR with the ability to watch content on 2 screens at one time and 9.99 package that allows 4 screens and a 90 day save for content.

Is frndly the same as Hallmark TV Now?

No. Through its options for hallmark it offers recent live and On Demand content from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama. On the other hand Hallmark Movies Now is a library based streaming option that offers older movies, series and specials from Hallmark Channel. For instance Hallmark Movies Now offers content from the Hallmark Hall of Fame library.

Where Can You Stream frndly?

Roku devices and TVs , Fire TV devices and TVs, Chromecast, or on your mobile device or computer through most major web browsers as well as iOS or Android apps.

What Channels Do You Get on frndly?

Hallmark Channels-The Hallmark Channel, The Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel and Hallmark Drama channels will bring the library of Hallmark to viewers with live and on demand programming that could be a perfect fix for those who don’t want to miss out. Hallmark has been producing movies and TV shows for years and provides a wealth of content.

PixL- PixL is a channel that offers movies and TV shows targeted towards Romance Novel fare. The stories have tried and true formulas boy meets girl, they fall for each other, run into conflict and end up together in the end etc. If you enjoy these kinds of stories we are sure you will enjoy this channel live and on demand.

Baby First-Baby First is a channel built around educational programming for young toddlers to help learn the basic building blocks of knowledge. Not unlike other children’s programing from PBS and others the content is safe for kids and features cheerful colorful characters that will probably hold the attention of kids and drive their parents crazy over time.

Light TV-A channel from Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) and MGM  offering a mix of older TV shows, children’s programming and movies. Its regular programming includes classic TV shows like Flipper and Mr Ed along with kids fare like The Adventures of Paddington Bear. There is not a lot new on the channel but it is most definitely safe for kids.