Watch Live Cable TV On Plex Cut The Cord

Silicon Dust, a company known for its HDHomeRun TV tuner technology launched a new $35.00 per month live tv streaming service. The Silicon Dust streaming service runs directly through the company’s HDHomeRun products. This has a benefit that is being overlooked by many. It provides the first completely legal way to stream live cable channels through Plex.

Plex has built in a lot of ways to watch TV since its launch. At its core, it began as a way to watch digital media from a computer or a server. It also provides on-demand programming from multiple TV network websites. In the past year, Plex added a news app that aggregates content from multiple sources and d has developed a DVR system using a number of OTA DVR’s.

The HDHomeRun has a free Plex channel that will allow anyone who has a Plex server to access the service without the need to leave the Plex interface. In order to use the service users must, of course, own a compatible HDHomeRun device.

  • HDHomeRun EXTEND models


The service will allow users to record content from the streaming channels to their computers or network connected storage devices. This means that users who have either the  Plex DVR, Channels DVR, and HDHomeRun’s own DVR service. This is the first DVR that will record streaming and OTA signals in the same place.

Is this the cord cutting solution we have all been waiting for? Time will tell.