Watch TBN and Hillsong Channel Without Cable

TBN also known as Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the longest running Christian programming channels on TV has an app that allows users to see its TV shows on-demand and with a live stream with no other requirements besides a free user name. Unlike some channel apps that require users to be pay TV subscribers in order to access them the TBN app is completely free and makes for a more than able replacement for users who are looking to drop cable but do not want to miss out on the shows and commentary from TBN. In fact, the app will allow users to access 11 TBN networks for free. The app also has access to TBN’s full range of programming.

From my experience the TBN streaming app is one of the most substantial free offerings one can find.

You can watch TBN without cable via apps for mobile devices powered by Android and IOS but even better they can kick back and watch on their TV’s like they are used to with apps from all of the major set top boxes on the market.

TBN has an apps for:

Roku, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV.

To add TBN to your set-top box simply navigate to your App Store, or in some cases a search and type in TBN. The app will come right up. Next you will be prompted to sign in or create a login name and password. You can create an account directly through your streaming device. You can also log in via a computer or mobile device. TBN will supply you with the needed URL. We are not listing it just in case it changes somehow later to avoid confusion. After you go to the site just type in your email and create a password and when prompted type in which ever 4 digit code TBN provides. After you are done you will be getting TBN without cable. Looking for more Christian content? The Streaming Advisor has a listing of Christian channels for Roku here.

So whether you are a cord cutter or just looking to catch up the TBN app should fit the bill.

Do you use the TBN app? Let us know.

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  1. Hi, i. Have Samsung smart tv. I don’t see an app on my tv for TBN. When I open internet from my tv, the website says TBN is for sale. Help.

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