What Could Apple Announce Today Expectations For Streamers

Everywhere I look I see references to Apple’s big iPhone event today. Some expect that they will also highlight watches and Airpods. But none of the “intrepid rumor followers/reporters seem to be reading the big sign that Apple has displayed right on the promotional graphic. Can’t they read?

If you have been focusing on the colors in the picture, or that it is a picture of a lake instead of the fact that it says CALIFORNIA STREAMING then you may not see the forest for the trees.

Could I be wrong to expect that this event will feature a heavy dose of streaming news? Yes of course. But if Apple was planning on touting its iPhones today it sure would be poor timing, wouldn’t it? Apple just had to rush out a fix for a major spyware attack last night. That sort of burst the bubble on the impenetrable Apple reputation. But that’s ok. It was bound to happen. But let’s talk about this California Streaming event. If this event were going to focus primarily on showing off iPhones wouldn’t it make more sense to use a different tag line, Dial Me Up, See and Say, Phone Home? I think that streaming is going to be showcased today. It has been some time since Apple pushed that avenue at a major event. The last time it did was in the buildup to Apple TV+. Apple updated its Apple TV devices in April with new hardware and a new remote. But little has changed about its software since the introduction of the TV app. That still sounds so confusing. Apple’s TV app on the Apple TV. I degrees. Reporting on Apple rivals reporting on Spiderman rumors within the MCU when it comes to accountability and accuracy. So why not throw our hat in there with some bold predictions. Apparently it doesn’t matter how wrong anybody is.

Antenna integration: Apple is not going to put an antenna or coax port on the Apple TV anytime soon, but it certainly could announce the integration of a TV tuner app that integrates into its TV app. Apple supports multiple TV tuners like Tablo and Silicon Dust’s HD Homerun via apps. But they are absent from the current TV app.

Netflix integration: The TV app blends together content from most major services with the notable exception of Netflix. A new partner on this level would allow Apple to bring the vast majority of mainstream content to its app and help users find most of the top streaming content in one place.

New partner for Apple TV Plus: Apple TV+ launched with some big names in tow. Oprah, Spielberg, Jason Mamoa, Reese Witherspoon and more. Maybe today Apple will announce more content partners, maybe a large content library that will be available through the service.

New iPhones with the “best screen ever” for streaming content: You know how these events work. Everything rolling out makes the stuff that came out before sound like trash. Even though Apple’s products have incredible longevity. But it would be no surprise to find out that the screen has gotten a tiny bit bigger. Or that they will be capable of higher resolution than before “perfect for all that Apple TV+ content.

And as usual, we will see a sizzle reel of use cases for Apple products that almost nobody uses them for like using them on Space X or hanging off Mount Rushmore, skydiving or exploring ancient ruins.