Where To Watch All Versions of The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit

The Lord of The Rings (Rings Of Power) wrapped up its first season on Amazon last week. If you have been watching and the series wet your appetite for the world of Tolkien then you might decide its time to re-watch the past interpretations of his work. With your streaming player you can access almost all of the previous movies based on his work. This guide will show you where.

The Hobbit (1977)

The animated film by Rank and Bass introduced a number of people to the world of Middle Earth is not streaming via a subscription service anywhere.

Rent on Apple TV+and other VOD platforms starting at  $2.99

The Lord Of The Rings (1978)

This movie is lesser known than the early Hobbit. Filmed in a combination of live action and animation made popular by the cult classic Wizards, the film quite difficult to find anywhere but via VOD. It rarely appears anywhere else.

Rent on Apple TV+ and other platforms starting at $2.99

The Return Of The King (1980)

Also by Rank and Bass this film is even more difficult to find than any other version of the story. We will keep an eye on the tittle and update if it changes.

Not available to stream at the moment

The Peter Jackson saga

Peter Jackson’s vision for Middle Earth has become a defining look and feel for Tolkien’s mythology. His influence is felt in Amazon’s series both musically and visually. And luckily for streamers, it is not difficult to find his work.

The Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies are available on HBO Max. This includes the extended editions of The Lord Of The Rings movies and the theatrical cuts.

Amazon has all 6 of the Peter Jackson movies but only the theatrical versions for streaming on Prime Video. The extended editions are for sale VOD.


The Extended editions of The Peter Jackson Hobbit trilogy are not available to stream via any subscription streaming service but are available to purchase on demand.