XUMO Adds Great New History Channel Combat War


Remember when the History Channel was home to tons of documentaries about World War 2? It was a followup to the A&E being the channel with tons of documentaries about World War 2. Now that the History channel is the home of reality series and alternate reality series Ancient Aliens, those who love the real history have to take it in elsewhere. XUMO has come to the rescue. The free streaming option found on multiple platforms including Roku, Samsung TV’s LG TV’s and more. It’s newest channel, the Combat War Channel, features 140 movies and 184 long-form episodes covering WWII, WWI, American Civil War, Ancient Battles, Vietnam, Korea, Middle East, Crimean, Boer, the Cold War, and more.

The channel includes war documentaries such as Voices of D-Day Landings, Nazi War Criminals and the Complete History of Air Combat.