YouTube TV Will Raise Prices In May

YouTube TV, which started at $35.00 per month has risen quickly to 49.99 (AKA $50.00) as of May 2019. The cost increase is said to be because the service has added 10 new channels to its lineup. But will users agree that the content is worth the cost?

YouTube began as a very slim selection of content for a very slim price. The reason customers flock to services like it is because they feel that traditional bundles are bloated and do not provide value. However for every service there is always a chorus of “It doesn’t have This or That so I won’t get it”

This puts companies in a position to either tell those who would be customers to stick it or bow to their demands. The problem is that you can’t win the balancing act and keep the prices the same.

Do you have YouTube TV? How do you feel about the price increase? Tell us bellow.