How To Stream The Olympics

The Olympics is coming. How will you be able to see the games? Well there will be a bunch of ways. NBC has put together an extensive listing of options through its network Family. What this guide will do for you is let you know How To Stream The Olympics online whether it is an app, a laptop, a set-top box and anything else in between. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. But sometimes it is hard to navigate such a large website and find what you want. 

See NBC’s full viewing guide Here

Sling TV
Sling TV, Dish TV’s OTT solution, has become a go-to app/service for those who want live streaming of major sports and events without cable. And if anything screams major sports and events it’s TheSling Television Olympics. Anybody interested in checking out Sling TV for a few weeks can enjoy a breadth of Olympics coverage. But be careful you need the right Sling TV package. There are two Sling Orange and Sling Blue.

The package you will need is Sling Blue

What do you get with Sling Blue?
NBC Sports Network
USA Network
Local Live Steams of NBC in certain markets (This all depends on your market and whether the local station is network owned)

Olympics coverage Via Sling TV Addons 
130 hours of live golf competition coverage via Golf Channel
All Sling Blue customers can access a free preview of MSNBC and CNBC through the entirety of the Olympics.

Sling TV's newest set top box option is the fourth generation Apple TV.
Sling TV’s newest set top box option is the fourth generation Apple TV.

What about Sports in Spanish?
Any customers looking for Spanish-language Olympics coverage can add the Best of Spanish TV and receive NBC Universo.
Which Streaming Boxes Offer Sling TV?
Fire TV
Apple TV
Android TV
Android Streaming Boxes
Channel Master DVR
Chromecast (when used in conjunction with an Android or IOS device
PC & Mac (Stand-alone apps)

NBC Sports App
The NBC Sports App provides Olympics coverage but may well require users to sign in through a provider depending on the content you are trying to watch. Users will need to activate the NBC Sports App via an Internet-connected device before using it. Besides using the app streamers can access the content through the NBC Sports Website here

Devices with the NBC Sports App
Fire TV
Apple TV
Windows 10

Is there Anyway to watch the Olympics for free?
Of course. The Olympics is still broadcast over the air like it used to be. I would recommend using an amplified antenna in order to ensure the best picture quality. If you have not used an antenna in the recent past you must consider the topography of your area when purchasing an Antenna.