Yahoo offering New Free TV Service Replaces Hulu

Hulu on Smart TV

While Hulu has decided to end free streaming of TV shows online there has been a new partnership with Yahoo to offer new free TV service to replace Hulu. There has not been an announcement as to when Yahoo will have a stand alone app to supply the programming, which will come from ABC, NBC and Fox which will stream shows 8 days after they play on television, but they will be on the way.

Hulu Moving Forward 
The Hulu service which has grown to nearly 12 million subscribers began as a free online offering where users could view current and past TV show seasons for free with commercials. As streaming grew as a medium and set-top and mobile apps exploded Hulu launched its own pay app called Hulu Plus. This move has likely been in the works for some time. Hulu dropped the term Hulu Plus from its mobile and set-top apps in 2015 while still maintaining the free streaming access via its website. We always wondered why they would allow such confusion on their offerings. Eliminating free streaming now means that Hulu only has two offerings under the brand, Commercial Free for $11.99 and add supported streaming for $7.99.

Yahoo repositioning
Yahoo, on the other hand, continues to explore monetizing streaming video, after the failure of Yahoo Screen, an app and website meant to showcase both original shows and other content. Yahoo also hosted a live NFL football game last season as the NFL explored new streaming options. The league will partner with Twitter starting this season. But the new offering should do well for Yahoo as it continues to chart its course in the streaming world ahead of its eventual takeover by Verizon.

Free Options Important
While it is logical for Hulu to want to solidify a strategy around pay options cord cutters should take solace in knowing there will be one place to find the majority of their favorite network shows. Otherwise, users can find full episodes for network content via the official websites for each network. We have a large collection of links to networks available here I have found over time though that centralized sites serve to allow easier access. It might be interesting to know just how many people were aware that Hulu had free content on its website anymore besides those who had followed the service since its launch