NFL Network On Sling TV Forward Thinking Win For Consumers

Sling TV’s new deal with the NFL network is a big win for sports fans who want to access more content without adding more to their bill. The network will rest on Sling TV’s (Sling Bule) Best of Live TV tier which only costs $25.00 per month. That means that fans now have Fox Sports and the NFL Network along with TNT. That amounts to a tremendous amount of sports content between college sports, Pro Football and the NBA for a fraction of the cost of standalone cable bundles.

Keep in mind the when we talk about the cost of cable we are not referring to the sheltered into rates that include Internet and digital phone. Too often lazy reporters looking into the cost of cable say that the cost of Cable and internet together is less than the cost of the Internet and other services like Sling TV and Netflix, but those who have actually made that transition know the real score.

That being said, the NFL’s RedZone channel will not be available on the basic package and will be added to the $5.00 sports package. Sling TV also offers a larger package for $40.00 that includes ESPN and ESPN 2. That combo package referred to as (Sling orange and Blue) includes all of the channels available in both of the service’s basic packages.