How To Stream The Trump vs Clinton Debate

If you have not had your fill of politics after about two full years of ads, debates and constant news coverage then you are probably looking forward to the first presidential debate this Monday. If you would like to take in the debate online we would like to share a few ways we have found about how to stream the Trump Vs Clinton debate.

One way you will be able to stream the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is via Twitter. The feed which will be available through Bloomberg will carry the debate on the quick hitting social media platform. It may be a great place to watch and contribute to a national discussion.

Twitter Debate page

Facebook will be another place to take in the debate. Emagine politics on Facebook right? All jokes aside though Facebook is a natural fit in today’s connected world. Many people will probably be on Facebook during the debate in the first place. Just try to be nice to the folks on your friend list. It will all be over soon, thank goodness. The debate can be found on Facebook via ABC’s Facebook page.

Watch the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton debate on Facebook

Like the two major party national conventions YouTube will be a place to watch the debate. And if the conventions were any indication it may be a very good place to do so. The conventions were presented commercial and commentary free. Given YouTube’s apps on seemingly every platform it should serve streamers well.

YouTube Channels that have been announced as debate sources so far

  • Bloomberg
  • PBS
  • The Washington Post
  • Telemundo