Roku Powered Phillips TV’s Announced

During a visit to a local Walmart last month I was taken aback when I saw a Phillips smart TV that advertised over “100 + apps” available. When I saw that I wondered, why would anyone get a TV like that when they could get a Roku powered TV or any other streaming box for that matter and add it to an existing TV. Apperantly the folks at Phillips have thought the same thing for some time and as apposed to building a new app platform from scratch reached out to Roku. Today P&F USA, Inc., the exclusive North American license partner for Philips consumer televisions and home video products, today announced a new TV series that features the Roku® OS, with the first model — the 40-inch class 40PFL4662/F7 – available now in Sam’s Clubs and online soon at

The new Philips Roku TV 4000 Series includes three screen sizes — 40-inch class, 43-inch class, and 50-inch class. All three sets feature outstanding Philips TV picture and sound performance and the easy-to-use Roku home screen where inputs for OTA antennas, cable boxes, gaming consoles and devices are alongside favorite streaming channels. Philips Roku TVs provide access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes across 5000+ streaming channels.

The new TVs feature Roku OS 8, which includes a Smart Guide that shows over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV and streaming options to help consumers search for, find and discover entertainment. The guide provides program information for local antenna broadcast TV channels from seven days in the past and up to 14 days in the future. Smart Guide also integrates the More Ways to Watch feature so users can see additional streaming options, such as whether a movie or show is also available to watch on-demand from popular streaming services, or if more episodes of a show are available to stream.

Other Roku OS 8 features include TV Everywhere single sign-on, which eliminates the need to log into TVE channels multiple times. The Roku mobile app enables Private Listening for streaming entertainment and free local broadcast TV via an HDTV antenna, and Voice Search.

The new Philips Roku TV 4000 Series offers Full HD resolution, 120 Perfect Motion Rate to provide clear and vibrant images in fast action scenes, wireless LAN 802.11ac MIMO for seamless streaming, and 16 watts of power with surround sound.

Phillips joins a number of other partners who have decided to use their time and money to develop the screen, and tuner and other features of the TV and let app development be left up to those who do it best.

The Philips Roku TV 4000 Series is comprised of the following models:

Model Number        Screen Size                 Available                     Price

40PFL4662/F7            40-inch class               Now                             $349.00

43PFL4662/F7            43-inch class               TBA                              $379.00

50PFL4662/F7            50-inch class               January                        $429.00