8k Streaming Could Be Coming Soon

There are very few services out there that offer 4k streaming content. The ones who do are easy to guess. Netflix, Amazon, Youtube Vudu and a few others. These are firms with big bucks and major backing. But the future is already moving forward. I saw an 8k TV at CES 3 years ago as well as glasses-free 3D. This year the company behind an amazing glasses-free 3D technology announced a partnership to bring glasses-free 8k to consumers.

Stream TV Networks, Inc. and BOE Technology Group Co., announced their joint cooperation to combine the high-resolution panels of BOE with Stream TV’s award-winning Glasses-Free 3D technology (@UltraD3). With panel sizes ranging from mobile phones to PC monitors to large screen televisions, the project will enable development of devices across the entire consumer electronics industry.

“4K TVs and PC monitors are obsolete now that 8K panels have arrived,” said Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV. “Working with high-resolution panels from a partner like BOE allows us to gain significant traction in the global market.” #8K #8KTV

Widely regarded as the world’s best glasses-free 3D technology, Stream TV’s Ultra-D solution uses advanced optics and powerful rendering algorithms to create a 140-degree viewing angle that gives everyone in the room a crisp, clear, vibrant, and adjustable 3D experience without the need for glasses or goggles.

“The human eye can’t tell the difference between 4K and 8K in flat 2D,” added Rajan. “Without using the the third plane, you’re basically throwing away all those pixels. We use those extra pixels for pop and depth to create an immersive experience that brings real value to device makers and their customers.”

The first result of the cooperation between Stream TV and BOE is an 8K Lite Glasses-Free Ultra-3D display that will be available by appointment only for private viewing in Stream TV’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (@CES #CES2018), Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #10939. Please contact press@Ultra-D.com for details.