Add A Fire TV or Chromecast To A Roku TV

Roku powered TV’s have a great perk. They already have a Roku built in to the TV in the first place meaning that you do not have to purchase any other streaming device in order to get into streaming and cord cutting. But there are certainly great things about other products on the market. The good news is that like any modern TV Roku powered TV’s have HDMI ports available to add other devices from streaming sticks to Blue Ray players. Pretty much anything that can be connected via HDMI.

Bellow is a written step by step guide as well as a video showing how to do so.


  1. Plug your device in to an available HDMI Port
  2. Plug in your device to a power source, outlet or USB port depending on the device
  3. Go To Settings on your Roku TV by pressing the home button and toggling down until you see settings
  4. Select setting and toggle down to the heading called TV inputs and Press Ok
  5. Chose the HDMI Port where you have your device plugged in and press ok
  6. Select Rename
  7. Choose from pre-set device names or toggle to the end of the list and choose Custom name & icon
  8. Name your device
  9. choose an icon that you will be able to identify later.
  10. Once you have set everything up go back to the home screen. Any time the device is powered you will be able to see it when you select the icon
  11. Place the Icon where you want it on the Roku Home Page like any other channel using the * button.