Amazon Makes Big Change To Prime

The Amazon Prime subscription just got a little bit better especially for music fans. Amazon Prime customers now have access to the company’s full catalog of music 100 million songs. Since the launch of Amazon music Prime subscribers have had access to a large selection of songs but not everything in the catalog. With the change customers will be able to listen to anything Amazon owns.

Users must note though that Amazon Music’s collection will only let you shuffle artists, albums, or playlists, not select individual songs. This means that you will not be able to skip tracks like you are listening to a collection of MP3s or a disk.

Overall though with radio being a rather passive experience the additional music should be a lot of fun for people who are already using the service. Users who would like to have the extra control can still pay extra for the premium music service. But if you are like my family who have been happily using Amazon’s free offering things just got better without any extra effort on our part.

On top of the music selection Prime members can also access the largest catalog of ad-free top podcasts.

The move puts Amazon head to head with Spotify in the free space.