Can You Stream It’s A Wonderful Life?Yes

Can you Stream It’s a Wonderful Life?

Yes. This year It’s a wonderful Life, the Christmas movie that captured a generation as it aired almost daily throughout the Christmas season during the 80’s and 90s can finally be viewed daily again. The film will be available as part of Amazon’s Prime Video offering. The Prime Video is included with customers Amazon Prime incentive package that provides free shipping, kindle e-book specials music and a host of other discounts and perks.

Can You Stream The Color Version Of It’s a Wonderful Life?

Did you like the Turner colorization era of classic movies? Some people hated it, but colorizing was a big thing in the 80’s giving black and white films a new look. I remember the commercials that said “Donna Reed is pretty in color. Heck I didn’t notice when I was a kid but she’s pretty in black and white. But the good news is that the movie will be available in color and black and white. So if you choose to watch multiple times during the season you can change things up. No 3D though. I’m sure that will disappoint nobody.

Why I love It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a wonderful life has always been a family favorite. My mother introduced me to the story years ago and it, like Miracle on 34th Street has remained something that I have to do every December. The thing about It’s A Wonderful Life is that it affects you very differently depending on when you watch it. As a child you are charmed by the silly angel Clarence and intrigued with the alternative reality it utilizes to make its point. As a young adult you are entertained with the romance of George and Mary as they flirt and stumble their way into love. And as a more established adult one can look back at their own regrets and evaluate how they feel about their decisions.

The film is dark and George’s regretful view of his life and the world he helped make shows a character that is drowning in self pity long before he thinks about drowning himself in the river. The idea of the story has had an impact on so many other movies and TV shows over time from kids shows to Hollywood movies. Many people who have never actually seen It’s a Wonderful Life can say they have seen an episode of their favorite show where the protagonist finds out his or her life has had an amazing impact on the people around them and not only that the lack of their presence caused a great deal of damage. If this is not a family favorite yet take the chance to enjoy it with yours this year.