Can You Watch Rosanne On Roku?

Without jumping into political hot topics of who said what and what it means let’s just say, Rosanne has millions of fans across the US. The rival series that has sky-high ratings was built off a storytelling formula that was perfected years earlier in its 1980s and 90s era show of the same name.

The good news for Rosanne fans. Our eagle-eyed Chris Brass noticed that the entire run of the original show is totally available for free on Roku via the Filmrise channel. Filmrise is a free channel that can be added via the channel store. The channel has a number of other shows to watch for free too.

Amazon Fire TV users can also still find the original run of Rosanne via Filmwise as well just by searching for Rosanne.

Can You Still Get Episodes of the New Series?

Episodes of the most recent series are hard to come by. We looked and can’t find it available on Hulu, ABC, Amazon or iTunes.