CBS Sports HQ Not Available On Roku or Fire TV Yet

This morning has seen a number of reports that CBS has launched its new 24-hour sports app CBS Sports HQ on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. this is not the case. The service has in fact launched and is currently available on the website

The service promises to be a great resource for sports fans once it fully rolls out. CBS Sports HQ will join Stadium TV as a free sports news source. With the power of CBS’s overall assets, it promises to be a major competitor to ESPN News. ESPN News has been at it for years now providing 24-hour sports info, but the service requires a pay service.

When Will CBS Sports HQ Debut On Roku and Streaming Devices?

CBS Sports HQ advertises access to the service via Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, IOS Android, and Chromecast. So the lack of apps for these platforms must be temporary. It’s possible that the network announced the launch before the apps officially dropped in the respective app stores. We checked multiple platforms including Roku, Fire TV, IOS and Android ourselves to see if the app is available as of this writing. At the moment the only place we have found to watch CBS Sports HQ is via the website. It is supposed to integrate with the CBS All Access app as well.

Not to sound like some official statement from the network, but CBS has been spearheading the direct to consumer approach with content for some time now. It is the only network that offers a paid live streaming app for its main network programming. It is also behind the CW, which has a free ad-supported network app where viewers can watch CW programming on-demand every week. The CBSN 24-hour news app continues to grow in popularity and now with a 24-hour sports network, the network has another base covered.