CBS Most Cord Cutter Friendly Network By Far

The CBS Sports HQ service launched today via the website. The network has been positioning itself to thrive in the digital TV age for some time.

CBS like other broadcast networks has long allowed viewers to watch recent episodes of Network TV shows via its website. But that is hardly the extent of its outreach in the digital space. Its CBS All Access App has around 2.5 million subscribers at the moment. CBS All Access is a streaming platform that offers a large library of programming from up to date full seasons of current shows as well as a library of past CBS owned properties.

In many markets, though not all of them, CBS all access also provides the ability to live stream local CBS affiliates. The service, which costs $5.99 for an ad-supported experience or $9.99 without ads. There are year-long options too that provide discounts.

More than just Pay Services

The outreach does not end there. CBS’s sister network the CW has a one of a kind network app that provides free access to all of its programming on-demand. The thing that makes this so unique is that it requires no sign in to use it fully. The network only provides access to the most recently aired 5 episodes of any respective show. Those wishing to wait till the end of the season to binge the content can do so a week after a season ends via its deal with Netflix that puts CW shows in the streaming service almost immediately after they wrap up.

24-hour News

The 24-hour a day streaming news service called CBSN that allows viewers to keep tabs on the hottest news of the day and even featured live presidential debates during the 2016 election cycle.

24 Hour Sports

Now with the Debut of its 24-hour sports network, it has addressed the big three sections of the TV space. The streaming service is free and offers sports news all day much in the same fashion as ESPN News. Only this service is not a cable channel. The service is not advertised as a place to see live sports events at the moment. But it does allow the network to offer breaking news and analysis powered by assets which include the CBS sports website is a go-to place for sports fans.