Distro Jumping On Vizio

Free streaming service Distro will be finding its way onto Vizio Smart TVs with a new deal that will add 270 channels to the free offerings on the TV’s built-in platform.

“We are thrilled to join the Vizio family, particularly at a time when we are continuing to grow our viewership and channel content at a rapid pace,” said Navdeep Saini, co-founder and CEO of DistroScale, parent company of DistroTV. “By expanding our distribution via Vizio Smart TVs, we can continue to provide audiences with the content they crave, and all while maintaining our FAST no-sign up, credit card, or email required model.”

Distro TV like other services of its type is an ad-supported app with multiple linear channels but differs from the crowd due to its range of international content both as far as entertainment and news.