Get Ready For NBC Shows To Leave Hulu


NBC shows have been a staple of Hulu’s streaming selections since the service launched. Comcast was a partner with Disney and Newscorp when the service hit the scene and until Peacock launched it was the primary place to find NBC content the day after it aired aside from the NBC app, which has never been promoted heavily.

As of September Hulu will no longer have next-day availability of shows from NBC, USA Network or any other Comcast/NBCU network. The move is meant to push Peacock to another level as it claims more content as exclusive. Until now most of the time when we talked about content leaving a service for Peacock it was in reference to Netflix. Notably, the Office was a launch title for Peacock.

The move will mean that Saturday Night Live will no longer appear on Hulu. SNL has long been one of the most popular shows for Hulu. The move though will constitute NBC’s full Primetime lineup.

Just be ready.