Movie Pass Relaunch Sign Up Starts Thursday

Hey remember Movie Pass? The service transformed the movie theater business by introducing the monthly service model to the big screen before flaming out spectacularly and leaving customers in the cold.

The service is relaunching under new ownership and promising not to do that again. While the full details about how much it will cost per month, how many movies one would be able to see per week and which theaters will participate in the program are missing, what is available is a countdown. When the countdown reaches 00.00 at pm eastern time on Thursday users will be able to sign up to be on a waitlist. Does the waitlist guarantee you will be able to sign up? Nope.

Movie Pass will take a look at the waitlist and see which markets look ripe for launch and make its decisions accordingly. How will users access the service? Will any given movie be available on the debut date? The company is not saying. But if you wish to did your toes in you can access the website here.