How To Make Roku Work Like A Chromecast

Are there websites that you wish had Roku channels? The Roku family of products has thousands of apps and in the case of the Roku 3, 4 and HDMI streaming stick the ability to mirror some windows computers and Android phones. Roku’s can also launch a couple of apps Netflix and YouTube directly from their websites or from mobile apps. There is a private channel and Google Chrome extension for Roku that will allow users to cast videos from websites in the Google Chrome browser directly to the Roku. This will allow the device to support video from sources that don’t or may not ever have an official Roku channel. And it does so with a clear direct stream that does not require the Roku to mirror anything. On the other hand, there are any number of websites that are not represented via apps. The extension struggles with some sites including Hulu and CBS but there are already apps for it of course. Learn how to add Roku Cast here.

What you will need

Windows Computer and The Google Chrome Browser Download Chome Here

The RokuCast Private Roku Channel add it Here

32 Bit Systems Click Here

64 Bit Systems Click Here

Your Roku IP Address
On your Roku:

  1. Power your Roku
  2. Press the home button on your Roku remote
  3. Select Settings and press OK
  4. Select System and Press OK
  5. Select About and press OK (Your IP address should be the fifth option down)

Once you have all of the necessary materials start here


Download the RokuCast Extension Here or from  the developer via his GitHub page Here

Click on the File called RokuCast-Production
Roku Cast 2

Select the Folder called RokuCast-Production and click the icon option labeled Extract To

Roku Cast 2
Select Desk Top

Roku Cast 4a
Create a folder for it on Your Desktop called Roku Cast and press ok the file will load into the folder.

Roku Cast 4
Open Your Google Chrome browser and click on the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner it looks like 3 horizontal lines.

Roku Cast 7
Select Settings

Roku Cast 8
Click on Extensions and Minimize Chrome

Roku Cast 9
Open the Roku Cast folder on desktop and double click on the folder called RokuCast-production

Roku Cast Folder
Find the file named RokuCast.crx.

Roku Cast 10
Open the Google Chrome window with the Google Chrome extensions. Drag the RokuCast.crx to the Google Chrome Extensions Window.

Roku Cast 11
Click Add extension

Roku Cast 12
Click the Roku Cast Icon and click the gear in the right-hand corner.

Roku Cast 13
Enter your Roku’s IP Adress To get your Roku IP address.

Roku IP Address Entry
Congratulations you are now ready to cast videos from tons of websites.