How To Use One of YouTubes Best Free Features

Even the most focussed people in the world having trouble concentrating now and then. YouTube actually has a fix for that. While YouTube can be just about the ultimate distraction and procrastination assistant it is quite possible to use YouTube to help you get things done from working through writers, completing tedious tasks or even falling asleep (on purpose). How does YouTube help in these cases? Calming music.

There are whole channels devoted to calm music accompanied by beautiful scenery. In some cases the scenery is simple stock photos of pretty places in other it appears that footage is filmed for the purpose and looped together. Others integrate things like the sound of natural rain fall or water lapping up at the shore of a beach. There are relaxing videos for what ever fits your mood. Do you prefer harp music, piano, new age? You can find it. one of the more unique selections I’ve run across was at the urging of my daughter. She is a fan of the game Undertale, an 8 bit style game with a very retro feel.

Why are these channels abundant?

Free certainly doesn’t hurt. Plus there is a real need for a way to bring a bit of peace into our lives which are now bombarded with active stimulants from everything in the home. Ironically the relation is still delivered via modern devices. Before the age of streaming insomniacs and procrastinators would just have to buy CD’s or tapes of relaxing background music. Unless of course they could hire out a piano player to sit in their office with a synthesizer in order to help them focus.

They are also relatively easy to make. One just needs calm duty-free music and some imagery which is available for free and or very inexpensively.

So the next time you find yourself unable to focus, or find a way to make your brain running in circles when it should be dreaming, take a look at any of many options to add some calm to the mix.