MaddyGTV – The perfect example of why I love Roku

Maddy GTV is a low budget, adult-oriented  Roku channel. And while it’s easy to coequal ‘adult’ with ‘porn’, that’s not the case here. It’s more along the lines of what you would find on HBO or Netflix original content.

This channel is a casebook example of why I believe that Roku is by far the best streaming device available today. Being a streaming option it is not confined to typical FCC regulations regarding language and adult situations like over the air broadcasters or even with most cable networks.

Don’t let the ‘low budget’ tag fool you. When Maddy GTV producer, Paul Gorman, initially told me about MaddyGTV he described it as “What Hollywood would produce if they could without worrying about Studio heads, FCC or rating constraints”. MaddyGTV brings high production quality to its projects and does so while producing original content. Therefore they own the copyright on it. It’s worked pretty well for them.

Edgy Appeal To Female Viewers
According to Paul, the typical demographic for its viewers is between the ages of 35 and 55 and they believe that about 60% of viewers are female. When you see some of their original content, you might begin to guess why. Two of their most popular original programs is “Fury” and their franchise reboot “Fury Redux”, described this way: Attorney Laney McCoy begins an affair with a much younger man, only to spin out of control in a jealous rage.

Here you have a TV show which is going to deal with adult themes and situations and they can portray it more realistic way causing it to be closer to the HBO show ‘The Sopranos‘ then it would be to ‘The Untouchables‘ that aired in syndication on TV.

Web-based beginnings
MaddyGTV got its start as a ‘website’ but as Gorman pointed out, people don’t wish to watch television programs sitting in front of their computer, they want to watch it in their living room in the recliner. That is the only explanation needed to justify making it available on Roku. It didn’t take long until Roku was their primary source for distributing content to their viewers eventually making it their only source of distribution until 2017 when Amazon Prime picked up some of their original content and made it available to their subscribers.

While I admit that I’m personally not a fan of the genre of programs that it provides, I do have admiration for what they are able to bring forward to their viewers and have no problem with promoting it to my friends.

So why does a channel that I don’t watch showing programs that don’t interest me cause me to claim that its the best thing on Roku? Because I love that Roku gives anyone the ability to do this and Paul’s crew is an example of taking advantage of that.

One of the biggest complaints about Roku outside of the United States is that they don’t have much content available, but the reason why so much content is available in the United States is because individuals like Paul and the crew at MaddyGTV make the material for you to watch themselves. You don’t need to be a big Hollywood company to make movies or TV shows, as Gorman and the rest of the crew at Maddy prove, all that you need is to have the desire to do it, and they must be doing it right because getting placed on Amazon gives them well-earned bragging rights.

So I would encourage you to check this out if you have a Roku, but if you don’t, check it out on Amazon.


You can install MaddyGTV by going to the Roku Store on your Roku or by clicking on this link: