Netflix Becoming A Comics Superpower

Netflix has already laid the foundation to be the streaming Kind of stand up Comedy. And now it looks like Netflix is working to become the destination point for edgy adult-centered comic book fare.

Is Netflix The Next King Of Comic TV Shows

The Streaming network is already the home of Marvel TV shows including Dare Devil, Luke Cage, Jesica Jones and Iron Fist and The Punisher. And it appears that Netflix will continue to be the place to find Marvel’s street-level heroes. When Disney announced plans for its own service series built around the Defenders. Will Netflix continue to build on that those series and add characters? We will have to see. But don’t count on Spiderman Showing up anytime soon. Either way, holding on to those characters is big.

New Exclusives

Netflix followed the success of the Marvel TV shows with an announcement that the company was buying Millar World. The company was founded by Mark Millar, one of the most influential comic book writers of this century. Characters include a Captain Marvel Jr like character called superior, as well as properties that have become major motion pictures including Kingsman.

The latest announcement for the big red machine is that it will be the home of another comic book character universe. Dubbed the extreme universe, it is the creation of Deadpool creator Rob Leifeld. The Extreme Universe was housed in a company called Awesome Comics. The company has its own Superman stand-in “Supreme”, Youngblood, a team of celebrity superheroes and other gritty takes on the Super Hero genre.

Untapped Potential

Both properties have been involved in talks with other studios over time and the film rights for various titles have been picked up by Sony and Paramount. Yet very few projects have come to light as of yet. Netflix, unlike the more traditional studios, is always eager to put out more original movies and TV shows out by the month will likely not shy away from putting their new assets out there. Look how quickly the company built up a huge connected universe of characters starting with Daredevil.

What will Netflix do with all of this intellectual property? It will produce Netflix original series of course. The character library may seem thin or unknown compared to say the upcoming DC streaming service and the Disney Streaming service. But audiences who bought into Ant-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Legends of tomorow and now Black Lighting have demonstrated a habit of checking out properties based on comics characters they may know little about. Ff the production quality and writing are up to par they have a chance. And Netflix has proven time and time again that it puts out quality titles. Controlling the rights to multiple characters means that we might even see some crossover between at least the Millarverse and Extreme Universe.