Sling TV Makes Major Improvements To Roku App

Sling TV, the live TV option from Dish is making some major improvements to its Roku app that allow for more personalization and bring more access to subscription features directly to the TV screen. The changes, which include the ability to add and drop add-on packages and a re-

Sling TV has multiple add-on packages that expand the choice of news, sports, movies and even foreign language options. Viewers will be able to pick and choose based on their interests inside the app.

imagining of the MyTV section will make a definite impact on the usability of the service.

See all of the changes on the way:

  • In-app Upgrades – Customers can now add Extras and premium channels to their account within the app by selecting their desired content from the in-app upgrades ribbon under “Add Channels & More” on the My TV screen.
  • Add VOD to MyChannels – Customers can now add on-demand channels to MyChannels, including Nat Geo Wild, Fandor, as well as on-demand content from NBC and FOX for Sling Blue customers who do not live in a market where linear content is available.
  • Get to Your Favorites Faster – Favorite channels (indicated by a heart in the guide) are now front-and-center and are shown first at the top of the “Grid Guide” and on the left of the “Channel Guide,” and the new “Micro Guide.”
  • New “Micro Guide” – We’ve reduced the size of the guide that appears while watching a show, so it takes up less of the screen. The full guide is still available by pressing “down” on the remote’s D-pad when watching a title.
  • Updated Arrow Controls – We’ve changed the full-screen video navigation, so now pushing “up” on the D-pad will bring up the micro guide, Pushing “down” on the D-pad will now bring up the old guide.
  • Safe Exit – When pressing the “Exit” button on the remote, customers will now see a pop-up giving them the option to go back to their show or movie instead of leaving Sling TV.
  • Binge On – We’ve updated the player view so when customers are watching an on-demand title, the app will automatically go back to the franchise page of the show they watched.

As of press time, all of the changes that are in store for the Sling TV channel have not been fully implemented for all Sling TV users. For instance, while my own Sling TV app has a smaller on-screen guide, I do not have the ability to do in-app upgrades yet.