Netflix Could Avoid Price Hikes If It Did One Thing

Ask yourself this question. Do you use Netflix? If the answer is yes, answer this. Is it your account? The password sharing that has become so popular for those seeking HBO without paying for it kind of started with Netflix. And in the process, Netflix has grown to be a very popular service. At last check, it was still the most popular one. As Netflix has faced pressure to increase profits and subscribers it has been looking outside of the US, but has faced problems growing is brand overseas in the same way it has in the US. If you can’t grow your way out of a problem you have to raise your way out of it. And that is what has happened. But just what if Netflix made everyone who watches the service pay for it?

How could they do it?

I’m not totally certain that they could to honest with you. Unless they only allowed for people to have one stream at a time. That would likely upset customers again. Because it is a mobile app as well as a TV-based app there is no way to know whether people are accessing it for themselves or not. There are no hard numbers on how many people even do this, but finding a way to limit it would either encourage people to sign up for their own accounts or stop accessing their services.