How To Watch The Olympics From Outside The US

US TV Now Provides US TV Channels Online
US TV Now provides US TV Channels Online

This Friday millions of people from around the world will be watching the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics. And while everyone in the continental US will likely be watching on local network affiliates Americans living abroad will not have such options. But those with Internet access will be able to watch the Olympic opening ceremony and listen to the hometown announcers via USTV Now.

What is US TV Now

USTV Now, an Internet-based service. It provides both a US-based cable package for a nominal fee as well as a free feed of major network channels. The service will pipe NBC’s full coverage straight to anybody that signs up online at its website. Viewers can stream content via computers as well as tablets, cell phones, And an app for Plex. Kodi also offers a USTV Now app. Users can also attach a computer to a TV via an HDMI cable. If the option is available it will let families and friends gather around the television to take in the action together.

Got a Google Cast Device (Chromecast, NVIDIA Shield or many TV’s) learn how to stream the Olympic with USTV Now Here

For information on USTV Now click here to be taken to the official website.

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