New Applinked Is Virus Threat

Android and Amason users are probably familiar with an app called App linked. The app is a popular go-to for sideloading apps to streaming devices and dominated the conversation about “unlocking” Fire TVs. The app became popular after Filelinked was shut down due to its connection with content scraping apps that violated copyrights.

Many have flocked to AppLinked as a substitute led there by multiple YouTube videos which advertise it as the replacement for Filelinked. If they do, they may end up with viruses instead of new apps. Elias Saba is reporting that the app is under new ownership and that those who download it risk getting viruses on their devices in the process. The irony is that Applinked does not even deliver the original function that made it popular. It sits out there like a fishing lure to trick users into trying it out and putting them at risk of infection.

Just a little tip for you Fire Stick fans.