Playstation Vue Assets Still Up For Grabs

One of the top live TV streaming providers could still end up with Sony’s subscriber information and technology. In a report from Next TV, Daniel Frankle reveals that Sony is still in discussions with multiple TV streaming providers for the rights to PlayStation Vue’s 500K strong subscriber base. According to the article An executive at another streaming company, who asked not to be identified because he is under non-disclosure agreement with Sony, said he had recent talks with the company about transitioning over a user base that still has around 500,000 consumers, ” Next TV.

Sony hopes to have an agreement on its assets by the end of the week.

If another operator takes control of PS Vue’s subscribers and integrates the company’s popular interface into an already existing service it would be a huge get. It would instantly give the operator half a million new customers over night. While there is no guarantee that the buyer would keep the customers in tow, it would certainly have the first crack at it. It will be a lot easier to hold on to customers than to say “hey drop your service with this provider and join us.”

Who ever ends up with that bounty will have one of the biggest wins of 2019 by far. Without a deal in place PlayStation Vue’s customers would all be equally up for grabs.