The Alternative History Hub A Great Conversation Starter

What if the Confederate states had won the Civil War? What if Europe had reacted more quickly to Hitler’s rise? How would things be different today? Probably very different. These sort of conversations have always been popular among friends at coffee shops and other Venus, but one YouTube channel has taken the idea and built a library built around what if scenarios. The Channel is called Alternative History Hub.

Alternative History Hub has been an active channel since 2012 and is home to 172 videos on subjects ranging from the US to questions like “what if Godzilla was real? While the idea of the channel might seem fanciful some of the scenarios garnered millions of views. Some of the most popular videos on the channel include The History of the Fall Out world, from the game series Fallout, What if Germany won WW1, and what if JFK had not been assassinated? The subject matter of alternative history has led to movies and books such as The Man In The High Castle, which has been a big hit series for Amazon and Stephen King’s “1963” later a Hulu series, which explore the JFK angle.

In the videos the host, Kodi often admits that the scenarios discussed are not definitive or even the only way things could have played out otherwise. It’s not like he is some sort of mystic. In fact if we go back far enough any major ripple such as Rome never becoming a world power would have had a huge number of world changing consequences to a point where there is really 100 scenarios that could have been different in the thousands of years since its rise.

While the videos present a lot of hypotheticals they also build on actual history. Often Kodi will explain how things did play out in the first place and provides great cultural tidbits about the people affected one way or another.

So if you ever wanted to imagine a world where Europeans never landed in the new world or what life would have happened If Texas had not become a US state check the channel out. Like all YouTube channels, the content free.