How To Watch The Olympics On Roku 2016

Roku Premier

How to Watch The Olympics on Roku? Its very easy with the NBC Sports channel. The channel taps into all of NBC’s Olympics related content and organizes all of the events into categories. It is easy to navigate and may be the best TV everywhere app to come along that we have ever taken a look at. With the sprawling amount of sports, contests and the myriad of channels that NBC is employing to offer comprehensive 2016 Olympics coverage the ability to access all of the events from one single place is just great.

Special note. NBC has a channel on Roku called NBC Gold. Despite the name, NBC Gold is not where you view Olympics events. What NBC has done is rebranded their NBC sports channel as the Olympics channel. In fact you can access the regular NBC sports channel by choosing the options using the * button. There is also a spanish version of the channel.