What Is New On Plex In June

Plex will be giving people something else to do while they hide from the incredible heat that seems to be on the way for the summer. The service has released its list of upcoming titles for June. Highlights include the criminally underrated Edge of Tomorrow, which might have been hamstrung by a somewhat meandering name combined with everybody getting the catchphrase Live, die repeat” confused as the title.  Also working the time travel angle is a 1980s gem, Peggy Sue Got Married, which stars a young and understated Nick Cage and Cybil Shepherd in a time slip love story that allows a woman to bounce back to the 1950s and relive part of her life as a teenager. Again it’s one of those films that got a little lost at its release and plopped right in place as Back To The Future, which also involved time travel from the 1980s to the 1950s. There is more to see. Remember you can enjoy something you have never heard of if you give it a chance, then you can be the guy at the cookout who says Oohhh you have to see this film I discovered, Oh my god where can get some more ice, my water evaporated!

Also keep in mind, if you have not checked out the Vandam Classic, Kickboxer yet, do so before it leaves in June. Check all the stuff coming to Plex and leaving below.

All Nighter



District B13

Edge Of Tomorrow, The


Good Doctor, The

Host, The

I’m Still Here

King Of Fighters, The

Last Days On Mars, The

Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy


Peggy Sue Got Married

Pulse (2001)

Taking Of Pelham 123, The


Two Faces Of January, The

Two Lovers

Whale Rider

Where’s The Money

Wind River

Wolfpack, The

World’s Greatest Dad

Leaving Plex in June

Catch The Bullet

Clerks II

Get A Job

Ghost Writer, The

Guest House

I Am Wrath

Janky Promoters, The


Last Knights

One For The Money

U Turn

USS Indiapolis: Men Of Courage

Still Streaming on Plex in June

All Good Things

Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead




Children Of The Corn

Cobbler, The

Dead Snow


Europa Report

Fall, The

Four Lions


Gift, The

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The (2009)

God Bless America


Half Nelson





Hunt For The Wilderpeople

I Saw The Devil

Iceman, The

Ip Man

Ip Man 2

Ip Man 3

Man From Earth, The

Man From Nowhere, The





Short Term 12

Stuck In Love



Tell No One

This Is England

Train to Busan


Wailing, The

We Need To Talk About Kevin