What To Get For Your College Student

It’s time to send your kids to school again. And for some it means dropping them off or packing them up for college. First year dorm room living can be full of challenges from noise to personality. But one way to get ready for the new experience is to go ready to get moving. This list of back to school items is both practical and multi faceted. Take a look and see what you might need.



Amazon Fire TV Stick
Why did we chose the Fire stick over all of the other streaming things we like here. Because its inexpensive, easy to use and multifaceted. The Fire Stick will obviously stream pretty much anything you are looking for, but on top of that it makes for a very easy to use music player. Even more if it is set up with your students own amazon account they can order things that they need during the year with Alexa. From socks to school supplies. Even play games with the right controllers.


Fire TV Stick: $29.99 Click here


RCA Fridge
This mini RCA fridge is made to be reminiscent of the monster refrigerators people had in their homes decades ago. The fridge is a really cool item for a dorm room because it’s very small and can fit almost anywhere including tucked under a bed or desk, sitting on a shelf, on top of a desk and many other nooks and cranny’s.

The fridge is quiet and efficient bc of the small space it has to cool but will be great to store snacks, and a few drinks for a late study session or just relaxing. Unlike the traditional “dorm fridges” a small child could move this thing. One possibly overlooked thing about the mini fridge is that it comes with a cord that can be used in a car. So when road trips come up you can pack up and plug in and tote it to the beach for the afternoon.


It makes you feel just a little more at home to be able to reach into the fridge and pull out your favorite soda.


RCA Mini Fridge: $45.87 Click Here





Wall Charger
Does your student have a phone? Of course they do. How about a tablet? Or a back up phone, or a game controller? You get it. Set their room or apartment up right by getting a charging station that will allow them to recharge a few things at a time. The $9.99 package comes with two charging blocks so they can charge up to 4 items at a time. They may just make a friend out of it.

2 pack: $9.99   Click Here
4 pack: $13.99 Click Here



Cell Phone charger cords
Whether you are an Apple Family or an Android family you know how cords can be. A package of dependable charging cables goes a long way for anybody. And since most students use phones as alarms, flashlights, calculators, TV’s and even to make phone calls now and then, it is important to keep them charged up and ready to go. Don’t overlook stuff like that in favor of posters.

Micro USB 3 pack: $10.99 Click Here

Lighting Cable(iPhone/iPad) : $12.99 Click Here 

USB C 3 pack: $11.99 Click Here (Samsung, LG phones)  Click Here





Power Strip Tower
Dorm rooms are notorious for having very few plugs. If you need a place to plug in computers, printers, chargers, TV’s Mini Fridges and the like this power strip tower might come it really handy. It can serve as the charging station for multiple items and have room to power many more. Do not under estimate the need for things like this or you will be taking a rushed trip to a very very very crowded big box store in town and lose half your day.

Nothing is more annoying than the fights that come up over who unplugged who’s this or that. Help your child avoid problems like that by staving it off from the start.


Power Strip Tower: $39.99 Click Here