Great YouTube Cooking Channel

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef and others encourage people to make and eat great food from their own kitchens by selling them food kits with recipes that are delivered to their doors and ready to go when its time to cook. There are a number of other choices out there and the reason they are popular is because there are lots of people out there who would like to cook at home. Why they do not do it more can be for a number of reasons. Most of us, of a certain age learned to cook from those we grew up around, parents, grandparents friends and the like. But with the advent of YouTube there are lots of ways to learn about cooking whether it’s preparing a turkey, or making the perfect spaghetti sauce. We found a nice simple channel  that can help any level of cooking from beginning to intermediate.


Epicurious is an older YouTube channel with a number of cooking categories. Some are just for fun like kids reacting to things. But the value for of the channel for actual cooking fans lies with a group of videos starting with 4 levels. There are 7 4-levels videos that concentrate on things that people make all of the time, eggs, burgers, French toast, Spaghetti and meatballs, Macaroni and Cheese, Brownies and cookies. The idea is that an untrained cook “amateur” , Home cook and professional chef.

The difference between Amateur and Home Cook is say the level of thought put into palates, ham and cheese vs Seared Ham and cheese. The chefs tend to be the most scientific in their approach. Thing is, everyone usually offers a good idea. It’s a great way to get ideas or even better understand things you always do or mom and dad always did. Trust me you would not turn away any version of these dishes.

Another wonderful grouping is 3 ingredient recipes. We can’t all afford a wall of spices and so these simple hardy recipes are great. The videos for them are quick but easy to follow and will give you a ton of ideas to try with other veggies and proteins and you build off of what you learn.

And Finally No Recipe Required. It takes you through the basics of a number of meals quickly and gives teaches a number of methods that can be applied to other groupings. Overall this channel teaches a lot of really great skills and methods that can be used at home. Most of us don’t walk into the kitchen pull out chicken and say, well what chicken recipe should I make today? This group of videos shows you how to thow together meals that will look like you did so without marking all that hard. And you will be loved for it.

Epicurious is only one of many cooking channels on YouTube and it has not been updated much in the past few years, but its a toolbox full of interesting ideas and methods that will help most people out of a cooking rut or a jam by teaching how to think on your feet and work with simple ingredients you can find cheap at a regular grocery store. Save money on those meal kits and make new favorites on your own.