Hulu Will Take More Disney Content

Hulu on Smart TV

Could the Marvel TV series that currently live on Netflix are moving to Hulu? In a recent conference call with investors Bob Iger said that the company will be doing some exciting things with Hulu after it gains more control over the company due to the merger between Disney and Fox.

Hulu Will Be Available Outside The US

Hulu will eventually be available outside of the US. This could be a huge growth opportunity for the service that has had to depend on US customers only while other services like Netflix and Amazon have been able to build substantial audiences overseas. How big is the market for Hulu outside of the US? Well, think about how popular certain British shows are here. Also notice the amount of US movies filmed in China and other asian locales in order to expand their audience. If Hulu is able to break into the Asian and European market with its expansive library of content from Fox, Disney and all of its related studios there could be a real change in the streaming game. Disney also may make their programing different in separate markets. Who is to say that Hulu’s offerings over seas will not include content that the company is going to house on Disney+ in the US. It’s Disney’s content regardless so it can use it how it wants to.

Hulu Will Take More Disney Content

There has been a lot of noise about how many Disney owned shows will be pulled from Netflix for its new Disney+ streaming service. But there has been little talk about shows moving to Hulu. After the conference call that may change. Hulu is already home to ABC’s shows and a ton of Disney content as is. But it may be interesting to pay attention to what is happening with Netflix shows like Dare Devil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher. The streaming service cancelled Iron Fist and had Luke Cage cancelled in preproduction for the upcoming season. Could those properties end up on Hulu instead? Disney made it clear that it did not want adult style content on the branded offering but that hardly prevents it from dropping it onto Hulu. It’s quite possible that the company used Netflix as a trial balloon to see how audiences would take to lesser known characters on the small screen as it prepared to make the moves it has. Iger did not bring up the Netflix based content in the call but said that Disney may look at pulling shows from broadcast and cable networks if it looks like that is the best way to monetize them.