Review Netflix’s Game Over Man

Netflix’s new original film Game Over Man is a crazy slacker version of Die Hard. Strike that, it’s one-half slacker Die Hard and one-half Sharknado. The film centers around three childhood friends who have a dozen get rich schemes. Years of childlike brainstorming sessions along with a boatload of other unresolved issues combine to create a farcical adventure.

Game Over Man Is Caper Meets Chaos

The three somehow end up the only hope for a group of over 100 hostages, The guests at a party. Warning. This movie is not family friendly. There is gratuitous nudity and what I would call serious sexual language. The violence in the feature is also off the charts. While it is almost cartoonish it’s in many cases gross.

Game over Man contains raunchy violence mixed with absurd slapstick.

The Anders Holm, movie is a spiritual continuation of Workaholics featuring a group of friends you would not wish on your worst enemy, celebrity cameos, pop culture references and totally over the top situations. But on top of that, it has a full plot and resolution and appears to be ready for a sequel, though we have bit seen that.

The leads, Adam DevineAnders Holm, and Blake Anderson are backed up by a deranged Daniel Stern who plays the sleaziest hotel manager seen on screen. Stern’s Mitch has a penchant for completely inappropriate behavior that is dealt with in a “me too” moment to remember.   

Check out Game Over Man as long as you are not squeamish, just make sure the kids are in bed first.