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Review of McLintock! (1963)           PG      IMDB 7.3/10

John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara teamed up again in “McLintock!” and display an on-screen chemistry that is hard to beat. Released 1 week before John F. Kennedys assassination, there was some concern that box-office sales would be hurt. This turned out to be wrong with almost 10 million in U.S. Box-office returns alone. The film was a big rebound for John Wayne after his prior film “The Alamo” did poorly in theaters. McLintock put his name back on top again.


Taking place at the turn of the century, the cattle baron, G.W. McLintock (J. Wayne) has lived the bachelor’s life for several years. His daughter Rebecca (Powers) has been away at school and Katherine, (O’Hara) his wife, has been living as a socialite back east. All that comes to an end when his snobbish wife Katherine comes home with the intention of taking Rebecca away with her back east. G.W. refuses to allow Katherine to take their daughter so Katherine decides to stay until G.W. changes his mind.


Rebecca comes back home and finds herself torn between two different worlds and two different men that she loves. Devlin (P. Wayen) is a homesteader that has been hired on by G.W. as a cowhand and represents the frontier life that Rebecca grew up in and Matt “Junior” (Van Dyke). Junior is the polished educated man that Rebecca came home with from school and Katherine likes him.


Rebecca must decide what path in life she will take, and what man she wants.


Katherine is trying to keep her anger at G.W. and the town at large as, G.W. just tires to figure out why his wife is angry to begin with.


As G.W. tries to deal with his wife and daughter he is also tasked to deal with homesteaders that are placed on land. That’s difficult in the best of times to homestead.There is also the problem of a territorial governor who’s trying to relocate the Comanche tribe to a reservation. All of which leads to comical interactions with a group with a group of total caricatures.

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John Wayne as George Washington (G.W.) McLintock

Maureen O’Hara as Katherine Gilhooley McLintock

Patrick Wayne as Devlin Warren

Stefanie Powers as Rebecca (Becky) McLintock

Jack Kruschen as Jake Birnbaum

Chill Wills as Drago

Yvonne De Carlo as Louis Warren

Jerry Van Dyke as Matt Douglas Jr.



Andrew V. McLaglen



Fames Edward Grant